That’s it for another year.

I had a birthday yesterday. I don’t really like birthdays. Not my own anyway. Which is silly because there is no need for anyone to be sensitive about their age, it’s just a number that does not necessarily denote life experience or maturity.  But I am not always rational and my thoughts take me places that I do not want to visit sometimes.

I must admit, this birthday has been pretty good.  Although I didn’t get away with it quietly at work, my Manager put an announcement over the PA which was quite face-reddening, but otherwise people were nice and only one person tried to guess my age!  And then my husband took me out for a nice Mexican dinner for something different (that and I had said that I would NOT be cooking) so that was great.  Sangria is delicious, but I think it could be lethal in the right quantities.

I need to convince myself that my age has no bearing on my life, it doesn’t change who I am or make me any less of a person.  I also need to stop concerning myself with my lack of achievements, but that’s a post for another day.

To any other Taurus’ out there, Happy Birthday!


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