Day 2 of #30daysofme

DAY 2 – The meaning behind your blog name

This is a slightly strange one, and I have considered changing it to one of my favourite song lyrics but I’ve never been able to choose. There are way too many songs and artists that I adore and it is much too difficult to choose just one.

Waftings comes from my childhood. My best friend lived next door and we were always having sleepovers at each other’s house. If we climbed into bed with her mum when it was freezing cold in winter, we would always get in trouble for ‘wafting’ – letting the hot air out and the cold air in. Now it’s a bit of a joke with me and my husband when we are in bed, as he knows I hate losing my warm bubble of air!

I guess I’ll stick with it – it doesn’t seem that bad after all!


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