Day 25 of #30daysofme

Day 25 – what I would find in your bag.

What wouldn’t you find in my bag?  My day-to-day work bag has tons of crap in it.  I always have my headphones, at least four different lip balms, a few pens and a USB stick.  I also carry a spare pair of glasses (just in case, I could never get far without vision), deodorant, panadol and sunscreen.  And then there are the essentials – keys, wallet and iPhone.

I’ve always been a big reader, and always used to carry books with me.  Now that I can put books on my iPhone, I’ve become very lazy and hardly ever carry books anymore.  But as convenient as it is, reading books on the iPhone is just not the same.

I also always carry my water bottle with me.  That’s mostly so that I never have to buy drinks while I am out and about.  Bottled water is an absolute rort, and it probably comes out of the tap anyway.  Not to mention the environmental issue of all of those empty bottles that aren’t being recycled.

So how much stuff do you carry around everyday and how much of it is necessary?


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