Day 30 of #30daysofme

Day 30 – your favorite song.

How could anyone possibly choose just one favourite song?  I couldn’t even choose one favourite artist!  It’s fairly obvious that I love The Beatles, and this was one of my early favourites that I tried to teach myself to play on the piano.

I love the twisted and twisting lyrics, the strange combination of words and the distorted images that spring to mind as you hear the words and try to envisage what it all means.  Have you ever seen a ‘newspaper taxi’?

I’m also a massive Bowie fan, and I really like his earlier stuff.  I love it all but I do find that I play a lot more of the early stuff more often.  I also love to watch all the old film clips, some of them are so entertaining.

My favourite party and happy time song that most of my friends know that I go nuts for is Violent Femmes’ Blister in the Sun.  We went to a Femmes concert a few years back at the Tivoli and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to!  Even though Gordon looked like an accountant, it still sounded incredible.


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