‘The List’

I was telling a guy at work the other day that we went to see Weird Al when he came to town a month or two ago. We certainly couldn’t really afford to go, but had to because he was on ‘the list’. We have a list of a couple of artists that if they ever come to town, we have to go. No ifs, buts, or maybes, we are there. Weird Al has been on my list for quite a few years now, and he was so worth waiting for! It was the best night, and it was such a show.

The other artist on my list at the moment is David Bowie. I hate to think of what he will be charging for tickets if and when he does tour, but we will be there. We have to be there.

I also have an ‘I wish’ list but I know that the artists on this list are never going to tour again. I don’t think I’ll ever see The Beatles or Jeff Buckley, unfortunately.

Do you have a must see list? Who would you go without food for a week or a month to see?


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