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Bride and Grooming

Why are people so obsessed with changing the way that they look? I stumbled across this program this afternoon on the Lifestyle You channel and I really hope that this is the exception rather than the norm.

Bride and Grooming: The ultimate wedding makeover show which takes couples who are about to get married and dramatically transforms them over four weeks into the bride and groom they only ever dreamt of being. The twist?

I don’t know about you, but the only bride that I ever dreamt of being was the happy one marrying my husband. And with all of the make-up, fancy hair, false nails and beautiful dress, I almost felt as though I was someone else anyway.

On today’s program, the bride had a nose job, a boob job, and her top lip plumped. The groom had a pec implant, veneers in place of his top teeth, and a nose job. I wonder if they still felt as though they were marrying the same person.

I know that people look at their wedding day as the most important day of their lives, and I agree, it is important and should be memorable. But for the right reasons. I remember my wedding day very fondly as it was the day that we made a commitment to share the rest of our lives together. I remember the fun that we had as we celebrated our love for each other with close friends and family. I don’t remember my wedding day because of the money that was spent or how much effort we put into looking good for that one day. I just remember the elation, and the relief that the months of planning and organisation had been a success, and that our guests had enjoyed it as much as we had.

I also don’t remember thinking that I didn’t look good enough for my husband or that I should have looked ‘better’ on my wedding day. I look how I look, this is me, and the way that I have been made. Why would I want to change that for my wedding day or any day? And I know that a nose job is not a very big deal anymore, nor is a boob job either, come to think of it. But why are people so keen to tweak and modify themselves? What is this big obsession with perfection? In a few generations time, are we all going to be identical barbie dolls because it is the socially acceptable thing to do?

So would you (or your partner) consider plastic surgery before your big day? Do you think that your day (and life) would be better because of it?


Frickin’ Magpies

Oh goody. It’s magpie season again. My favourite time of year (NOT). At least it was until I started cycling to work.

I don’t mind magpies, or any birds for that matter. We rescued a wild lorikeet that couldn’t fly a couple of months back. What I don’t like is birds that attack me for no reason. I mean, it’s all in their head. I have no desire whatsoever in stealing their babies. I have no interest in where they live or what they do in their spare time. All I want to do is cycle past, quickly and quietly on my way to work with no fuss or nonsense. Apparently that’s not possible. Apparently I am threatening.

I feel bad for these birds if they have been so tormented in the past that they feel it so necessary to lash out the way they do. Yesterday, one slammed me from the left (while I was looking for it over my right shoulder), and made my ear bleed. It wasn’t a massive wound, but it’s been enough to make me change the route I take to work. Now it takes me twice as long to get to and from work. Definitely worth it, I think. I just hope that I don’t discover any on my new route, or I might start running out of options.

How much longer will they be ferocious for? Nasty overprotective bastards.

So we have a PM – finally!

Well it’s only taken how many weeks but the fate of the nation (for the present, at least) has finally been decided. I didn’t watch any of the coverage or the press conferences, I relied on Twitter to let me know what was going on. I don’t really like to get too involved in politics, half of the time it seems to be a bit of a joke. Especially election campaigning – what a waste of time and resources, to go around kissing babies, having coffee with people you don’t know, and all of that nonsense. To me it appears to be very false.

Remember in school when the class elections were on and you had to nominate and vote for student council members? And there would always be someone who wanted it so badly that they would be so much more friendly than usual to everybody, even the people that they didn’t normally talk to at school. That is what this reminds me of. Treating people differently to what you normally would just to get what you want. Sadly, it seems to be the way of the world. I refer to it as brown-tonguing.

Getting back to the PM business. What surprised me last night is that my husband and I didn’t even discuss the result. Didn’t even mention it. It was like we’d agreed not to bring it up so that we couldn’t argue about it, as we both had different views on who should be in power. I’ll admit that after my husband was asleep, and i realised that we hadn’t said anything I was a bit shocked, at least until I thought about it. It’s not that I wanted to discuss it, we just normally talk about all those sorts of things.

I guess our own lives are more important to us than who’s ‘in charge’. And maybe if it had been decided much earlier when it still felt relevant it would have been more on our minds.

At least those stupid campaign ads have stopped.

Gender Issues

So I work in a supermarket. This seems to mean that people think that you are pretty dumb. As if no one of average or above average intelligence could work in a supermarket. I do find that frustrating and insulting, however, I have bigger issues with people thinking I can’t do things because I’m female. Maybe it’s to do with my build as well, I’m not tall or muscular, but either way, I am capable.

I am insulted when people ask if I can ‘get someone to help them get something’. What am I? Useless? When I ask if I can help them, I generally hear ‘well I’m not sure if you’ll be able to. It’s up pretty high’ or ‘it’s pretty heavy, are you sure you can?’. We do have ladders, so yes, I will be able to reach it. And I’ve been hoisting cartons of drinks over my head for years, I’m sure I can handle it. I’m sure these people are just trying to be thoughtful but sometimes it is so insulting.

I had a classic today. This woman came up to me and said she was looking for one of the ‘fellows’, but couldn’t find anyone. I asked her what she was after and it was lightbulbs. I said that I probably knew as much if not more about the lightbulbs than the boys. I hope she misheard me because her response was ‘I doubt that’. Offended much? I hope she misheard me, that’s what I am choosing to believe anyway. And I’m not being nobby about my knowledge of lightbulbs, I do the ranging and the orders, and I know what the differences are, and what all of the new equivalents are (with the energy saving requirements). Most of the time if a customer has a query about bulbs I get called to help.

Amazingly enough, I was able to assist her with her query and provide her with the correct fitting, wattage and brightness. I’m sure she thought that I had given her a bum steer and that she’d have to bring it back, but I guess only time will tell.

The point of this post is to remind you all not to assume what people are capable of based on their appearance. I’m sure we all do it from time to time, and if you do, maybe try not to make it too obvious?

Fat what?

I heard some concerning news today about a girl that I used to work with, who I have been very close to in the past. We didn’t have a big fight or anything, we have just grown apart as we’ve pursued different interests and as we no longer work together we don’t see each other as regularly. And she had some dramas with her boyfriend which I sympathised with her about and may have been too opinionated about, but there was no barney. But her boyfriend still works at my work, so we hear bits and pieces of gossip from him from time to time.

Today he dropped a big one on one of my workmates – that they are both trying to lose weight before they go on a cruise in October. Fair enough, if I was going to be on a big boat for a week, wearing bikinis most of the day, I might consider some exercise or some salads (but then not do anything about it). He was serious. The issue is that this girl is tiny now – like a size 6. She has a slim build but there is no way that it would be healthy for her to TRY and lose any more weight. My workmate said this to the boyfriend and his response was that she ‘needs to lose it’. I’m sorry, what? I think I misheard you. What did you say?

But, in retrospective, I shouldn’t really be surprised at his opinion. She’s told me that he has said that she is fat before, and that she needed to lose some weight. If my husband (or anyone, for that matter) said something like that to me, there’d be hell to pay. But it’s also her opinion of herself that doesn’t help matters. She is this tiny thing but talks about how big her gut is and even bought spanks (those sucky-in pants) to hide her (non-existent) muffin.

I guess this is an example of where society is leading us when a just 30-year-old has such a poor opinion of herself and such a twisted perspective of her appearance. The worst thing is that she is not alone in her thoughts.