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You don’t realise how much you use things until you can’t…

I’ve never been much of a car person.  There, I’ve said it.  Yes I have drooled over certain makes and models from time to time, and researched the options and planned what I would buy when I won Lotto or that Endeavour Prize Home that I bought some tickets in.  But I’m certainly not a car nut.  I was 20 before I went for my license.  My first and only car that I have ever owned was a 1975 Toyota Corolla, named Lenore.  She was brown.  Not a nice brown either.  But I did love my car because she was mine and I knew what she could do and how to handle her.  But ‘Nore only went to work and back, and hardly ever anywhere on the weekends.  We would drive her to the pub or a party and leave her there to collect the next day every now and again.  But she never really got to go anywhere.

So last June I decided that I wanted a bike (I’d actually decided a long time before that but by June I’d started the wheels in motion – pun intended).  By July I was riding to work every day, and by August Lenore had decided that she no longer had any time for me as I didn’t have any time for her.  Regular driving had kept her going, it seemed.  The radiator finally fizzled and I was stuck with two wheels to get anywhere, unless I was able to drive the fourby.  But considering I generally only go to work during the week, and places with my husband on the weekend, it wasn’t too bad.

I did shed quite a lot of tears when I finally sold ‘Nore in February this year.  I’m still sad that we couldn’t keep her but it would have taken more time and money to get her going again and to keep her going when she wasn’t being driven enough.

This week we have realised just how much we rely on a car to get around.  Tuesday night we dropped the car at the mechanics, and have only got it back late this afternoon (Saturday).  Nearly four days has felt like a very long time to rely on public transport and your own steam.  I ride to work every day anyway so it didn’t worry me so much but my husband had to ride three days in a row which turned out to be harder than he was expecting.  Today was the hardest for me as there were things that I wanted to go and do but couldn’t.  I guess it just makes you realise how much you should appreciate what you have (and what you have worked for) and not take so much for granted.  Somewhat of an eye opener for me anyway.