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Day 5 of #30daysofme

Day 5 – a picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

I must admit, it is difficult to choose just one photo.  It’s not that I have been to that many places, but I feel as though I have been to so many beautiful and amazing places.  Maybe because the world is full of beauty and wonder.

I was lucky enough to spend 8 weeks overseas quite a few years ago now, and I visited Vancouver, Toronto, New York and Honolulu.  I think Central Park was probably my favourite spot of all.  It’s so easy to forget that you are in the middle of a bustling city when you are sitting in the peace and tranquility of Central Park.  Hopefully I’ll get to go back there one day, and take my husband!

The photo that I will post is from a trip that we took together, probably our first real holiday together!  We went to Cairns for my aunty’s wedding and made a proper holiday of it, and did as much sightseeing and touring as we could possibly fit in!  This photo is from the day that we drove up to Port Douglas for a look.  It is so pretty up there and the best part is that we will be going back up there next year!  I really look forward to the drive between Cairns and Port Douglas again, even though it is a windy road.

See? I really was there!  Maybe we’ll be able to do an updated photo next year, to see what has changed.