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The Maiden Voyage

The Trackabout has finally been out!  And we have actually slept in it (not just joking about sleeping in it in the backyard!)

Last weekend we headed up Woodford way and camped for two nights at a little place called Neurum Creek Bush Retreat.  We tried to go the weekend before but they pretty much turned us away after all of the rain that we’d had.  There were concerns that if we could get onto the property, come Sunday we would not be able to leave.  We would have been really upset about having to call in to work on the Monday to say that we couldn’t make it…

Long story short, lovely spot, great camping and good facilities.  Drop toilets but the good kind (believe me, there is a BIG difference between drop toilets!)  There is a lovely creek to swim and float in, we’ve had the inflatable boat there in the past and had a great time.

But most importantly, how did the camper trailer go?  Well it was fantastic!  We got there quite late on Friday night as the traffic on the Gateway was just awesome (there are some really inconsiderate people out there) so it was well and truly dark when we arrived.  Then there were some issues finding our allocated campsite, it was down a little track that didn’t look like it went anywhere until you got most of the way down it.  Luckily there were some nice people camped next to us who were able to tell us where to go (politely of course!)  My faith in humanity restored!

We tried to take things slowly, pick a good spot, have the camper positioned correctly, and not rush it.  I’m not very good at not rushing things.  We didn’t think to get things out of the trailer before we put the canvas part up.  Luckily you can still get to things but only through the tailgate, quite entertaining to watch!  We also forgot to put down the shadecloth that we bought specifically to put under the canvas but there’s always next time.  It just meant a little bit more work on the packup, wiping the floor.

All little dramas aside, we pretty much had a bed ready to sleep in within 10 minutes of starting to set up.  We still have a few little kinks to sort out, but that’s just from it being new and us being inexperienced (with camper trailers, not camping!)  Putting up the awning turned out to be slightly more challenging, as we had not been able to play with that in the backyard.  Corners and zips above one’s head can be quite the challenge!  But it all worked out eventually, and we set up the kitchen and cooked up some noodles for dinner.

We also used two of the annexe walls that we ordered, the kitchen wall (with window) and the one next to it.  At least if the weather is really foul or windy we shouldn’t have any dramas cooking, and everything is pretty much covered from the weather.  It’ll also be good for privacy on those longer stays as our bed window is right next to the kitchen.  It is fantastic to have everything right there in the kitchen, cutlery, plates, even tea and coffee.  No more digging through bags and boxes looking for things, it’s all right there.  Have I sold you on a camper trailer yet?