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Frickin’ Magpies

Oh goody. It’s magpie season again. My favourite time of year (NOT). At least it was until I started cycling to work.

I don’t mind magpies, or any birds for that matter. We rescued a wild lorikeet that couldn’t fly a couple of months back. What I don’t like is birds that attack me for no reason. I mean, it’s all in their head. I have no desire whatsoever in stealing their babies. I have no interest in where they live or what they do in their spare time. All I want to do is cycle past, quickly and quietly on my way to work with no fuss or nonsense. Apparently that’s not possible. Apparently I am threatening.

I feel bad for these birds if they have been so tormented in the past that they feel it so necessary to lash out the way they do. Yesterday, one slammed me from the left (while I was looking for it over my right shoulder), and made my ear bleed. It wasn’t a massive wound, but it’s been enough to make me change the route I take to work. Now it takes me twice as long to get to and from work. Definitely worth it, I think. I just hope that I don’t discover any on my new route, or I might start running out of options.

How much longer will they be ferocious for? Nasty overprotective bastards.