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Day 18 of #30daysofme

Day 18 – plans/dreams/goals you have.

  • To pack up the house and take off around Australia for a year or more.
  • To have more confidence in myself, and to be able to assert myself more effectively, without being seen as ‘bitchy’.
  • To learn to touch type properly.
  • To find a more challenging job.
  • To have the money to renovate this house the way that we want it.
  • To go back to uni and become an Occupational Therapist/Psychologist/Paediatrician/Something!
  • To go bush and get out of Brisbane for a few years (or forever).
  • To start having kids.
  • To rid the house of unnecessary crap (easier said than done when you are a hoarder like me).
  • To train for and complete a triathlon.
  • To grow old with my husband.