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My thoughts on today’s media

Regardless of the reason for Matthew Newton’s alleged abuse of Rachael Taylor, be it drugs, alcohol, mental health issues or he’s just a prick, how many cases of domestic abuse are there daily that are not reported and that no action is taken?? There are so many women (and men) out there who suffer constant abuse at the hands of their partner and are unable to do anything to stop it. There are people living in fear of their partner coming home. There are people who fear for not only their own life and safety, but also that of their children. There are children that witness their parents fighting, being physically violent towards each other and being verbally abusive.

It is unfortunate for Bert and Patti as they seem to be wonderful people and have tried to do everything possible to help Matthew. But they are not the only parents who have faced this horror. I admire them both for speaking publicly on ACA tonight and I hope it helps other families to realise that they are not the only ones facing problems with domestic violence, depression and drug and alcohol abuse. If Matthew Newton can turn his life around, then surely there is hope for many other people.