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Day 4 of #30daysofme

DAY 4 – A habit that you wish you didn’t have.

I think the worst habit that I have, and the one that is the hardest to control, is my tendency to replay situations over and over in my head. It can be the smallest conversation and I will replay it over and over in my head, and consider what I should have or could have said, how the other person would have reacted, what else I should have or could have done differently, and what they would have said, and on and on and on… It’s exhausting, and somedays I have to work very hard to try and make it stop. I do not succeed in stopping it every day. And I’m pretty sure that if you look at me, you can see everything ticking over in my head as I go about my work. Sometimes it gets to the extent that I am oblivious to what is happening around me, although I am still doing my work.

Another small thing that I do that annoys me is when I pick at the skin around my fingernails. I don’t bite my nails or the skin, but if there is a little bit of skin there, that is not smooth, it just has to go!