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So I’ve been using MacJournal for a while now, but mostly as a word processor for when I am doing job applications. I really like the full screen option so that I can block out all of my distractions. I still really need to learn to focus but, my mind is in so many different places at once. Especially when I am trying to get something done. Like a job application. Like what I should be doing now. Anyway.

I wrote my last post (the Ron Mueck one) in MacJournal and then tried to upload it but it didn’t work, it just kept closing MacJournal. I figured that I should try a post that didn’t have any pictures in it to see if that made a difference. Luckily when it crashed the other day it didn’t lose any of my data. I just copied and pasted and then added the photos in like normal.

I like the idea of a desktop based blogging software. I figure that if I manage to get a Macbook before our big holiday next year I would like to be able to blog everyday, even though there won’t be internet access all of the time. I can upload what I have to the net when we do get to somewhere with service. And I must admit that WordPress online shits me sometimes. It’s so slow to load sometimes that I’ve forgotten what I want to say before the page has loaded.  And I should probably use it a bit more and be a bit more familiar with it.

So let’s see if this post will upload. Fingers crossed! Or I may have to go shopping for some new software!