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Day 22 of #30daysofme

Day 22 – what makes you different from everyone else.

I have always considered myself to be a bit of an individual, mostly because I have never felt as though I ‘fit in’. I guess I take after my Mum in that trait, she always seems to be on the outer. Growing up, I often felt out of place at school and at family gatherings. In fact, I still feel out of place at times at some of the family events. Maybe I just need to be better at keeping in touch.

I would describe myself as a nerd, in more ways than one. I am a tech-nerd, book-nerd and movie/tv-nerd. I love recognising actors in movies and tv shows and identifying what else they have been in. I use imdb ALL of the time. I enjoy handicrafts, especially crochet and knitting. I can watch any sport on tv, and I’ll give anything a go on the field or court or wherever. I love riding my bicycle, and actually miss it if I drive or walk to work.

I am different because of my compassion, my morals and ethics, and that which I value.  I am smart and sarcastic.  I don’t take too much crap and my feelings are usually obvious from the look on my face.  I think I am a good listener.  I help my friends with their problems and can give them perspective.

There are lots of things that combine to make me who I am, and make me different to everybody else on this earth.  No one else has this combination of traits.  We are all different and so we should be.