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So we have a PM – finally!

Well it’s only taken how many weeks but the fate of the nation (for the present, at least) has finally been decided. I didn’t watch any of the coverage or the press conferences, I relied on Twitter to let me know what was going on. I don’t really like to get too involved in politics, half of the time it seems to be a bit of a joke. Especially election campaigning – what a waste of time and resources, to go around kissing babies, having coffee with people you don’t know, and all of that nonsense. To me it appears to be very false.

Remember in school when the class elections were on and you had to nominate and vote for student council members? And there would always be someone who wanted it so badly that they would be so much more friendly than usual to everybody, even the people that they didn’t normally talk to at school. That is what this reminds me of. Treating people differently to what you normally would just to get what you want. Sadly, it seems to be the way of the world. I refer to it as brown-tonguing.

Getting back to the PM business. What surprised me last night is that my husband and I didn’t even discuss the result. Didn’t even mention it. It was like we’d agreed not to bring it up so that we couldn’t argue about it, as we both had different views on who should be in power. I’ll admit that after my husband was asleep, and i realised that we hadn’t said anything I was a bit shocked, at least until I thought about it. It’s not that I wanted to discuss it, we just normally talk about all those sorts of things.

I guess our own lives are more important to us than who’s ‘in charge’. And maybe if it had been decided much earlier when it still felt relevant it would have been more on our minds.

At least those stupid campaign ads have stopped.