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Check out our new baby

We picked this up on the weekend and I can’t wait to take it somewhere to get it set up properly and use it!!  With all of this stupid rain that we have had this week it is still set up in the backyard and can’t be packed away as it is still wet.  And the worst news is that the place we had booked to go has called to say they are canceling camping on the weekend as it is too wet.  Spewing!Photo until we can set it up properly

So now we need to work out if we are still going to go away for the weekend and where we should go.  I’m sure that we will still go, couldn’t possibly wait another week to use our new camper trailer.


Our Big Holiday

We had three weeks off in May to do a few different things, go camping at a few different places and we hoped for a road trip.  Thanks to some lovely weather we had to modify our plans somewhat.  First week was ok, we bummed around at home for a couple of days, enjoying sleep ins and no work.  Then we took off to Kilcoy to stay at Sandy Creek Campin’ for a few nights.  Lovely spot, we have big plans to get back there again.

Sandy Creek

Then we came home for birthdays and to see Dylan Moran Live which was awesome! Don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in ages.  Then it started to rain.  We had planned to go to Levuka early to mid-week and set up camp and relax with the cows for a few days before our friends joined us for the weekend.  The rain ruined those plans.  Everytime we have holidays and plans to camp it rains.  In January 2008 we are pretty sure that we were responsible for breaking the drought and causing Somerset Dam to start filling up again.  All because we were camping at Neurum Creek.  Lovely spot, like to see it when it’s a bit drier.  We still haven’t made it back there.

Long story short, after Levuka (which we only managed for 3 nights instead of 5 or 6) we wasted time by driving to Grafton in the hope of getting to Yamba.  Needless to say we wasted two nights in Grafton, still couldn’t get through to Yamba and ended out going back north to stay at Brunswick Heads.  We wished we had gone straight there but we probably couldn’t have camped there then if we had.

Brunwick Heads, Huz fishing.

Then we had to come home and get ready for work again!  We had a great time but the rain made it disappointing in a lot of ways.  Hopefully the next lot of holidays will be a bit drier!!