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Fat what?

I heard some concerning news today about a girl that I used to work with, who I have been very close to in the past. We didn’t have a big fight or anything, we have just grown apart as we’ve pursued different interests and as we no longer work together we don’t see each other as regularly. And she had some dramas with her boyfriend which I sympathised with her about and may have been too opinionated about, but there was no barney. But her boyfriend still works at my work, so we hear bits and pieces of gossip from him from time to time.

Today he dropped a big one on one of my workmates – that they are both trying to lose weight before they go on a cruise in October. Fair enough, if I was going to be on a big boat for a week, wearing bikinis most of the day, I might consider some exercise or some salads (but then not do anything about it). He was serious. The issue is that this girl is tiny now – like a size 6. She has a slim build but there is no way that it would be healthy for her to TRY and lose any more weight. My workmate said this to the boyfriend and his response was that she ‘needs to lose it’. I’m sorry, what? I think I misheard you. What did you say?

But, in retrospective, I shouldn’t really be surprised at his opinion. She’s told me that he has said that she is fat before, and that she needed to lose some weight. If my husband (or anyone, for that matter) said something like that to me, there’d be hell to pay. But it’s also her opinion of herself that doesn’t help matters. She is this tiny thing but talks about how big her gut is and even bought spanks (those sucky-in pants) to hide her (non-existent) muffin.

I guess this is an example of where society is leading us when a just 30-year-old has such a poor opinion of herself and such a twisted perspective of her appearance. The worst thing is that she is not alone in her thoughts.